Kibworth’s Recycling List

Compiled by Sustainable Harborough Community, here is where you can recycle:

WELCOME to Kibworth’s Recycling list

Before you start, some thoughts about recycling. See

To learn even more about how we can reduce waste, reuse materials, recycle and compost, and get involved see Leicestershire Waste Partnership which includes Harborough District Council at

Remember our local charity shops rely on our recycling of goods and textiles. The unsold items are collected by a national or local business (it varies between charities) with payment by weight but textile recycling alone has to go to the local tip recycling point. The information here is correct at the time of going to print.

LOROS, our local hospice, for clothing and accessories, bric-a-brac, books, DVDs and new goods.

Mother’s Union, St Wilfrid’s Church; please leave on cupboards Beauchamp side – used postage stamps & albums, print cartridges – all sizes, full or empty – jewellery, watches (can be damaged/broken items) unwanted UK and foreign notes/coins, mobile phones, cameras, tablet computers, iPads

The Well Community Café and Shop – clean clothing, shoes and accessories; to a Leicester charity – bed linen, laundered or new duvets plus towels.

The Wildlife Hospital (entrance by Birds Barn football ground and not easy to spot) See

Reduce plastic use by refilling foods, beauty products, cleaning materials, gifts and more.

  • at The Village along St Mary’s Rd behind Kwikfit,
  • Harborough Market Refills in the Indoor Market
  • and some supermarkets including Kibworth Co-op.

Remember to save your empty containers for the purpose. 

And lastly,  WRAP is a climate action organisation working internationally to tackle the causes of the climate crisis.  It is giving the planet a sustainable future by changing the way things are produced, consumed, and disposed of. 

More local recycling

1.Recycling at home. All Leicestershire County Council recycling (apart from North West Leicestershire) is done by Casepak  For the up to date list see

So in our blue waste bins card, paper, glass – Note: No flat glass/mirrors/drinking glasses etc; they have a different melting point and cannot be recycled in the same way but check that hasn’t changed.

Plastics – you’ll be surprised what can now be recycled. See note at the end for more information on plastic recycling. Some supermarkets are taking crinkly plastics.

For anything you can’t find at Casepak, see this amazingly useful list set out in alphabetical order

2. Recycling at the local tip.

For Kibworth see Kibworth may be taking paint.

For Market Harborough see

What can be recycled changes so check at intervals.


Furniture can often be sold or donated. At the time of going to press, these charities collect if they think the items can be sold.

Soft furnishings need a fire safety notice on them.

Items of value auctioneers and valuers

Pens, pencils and felt tips – Rymans in Harborough – collection box at the back of the store  

For the problem of contamination see

For finding out more about plastics see

In conclusion – My thanks to the Events Committee, Kibworth Community Library for requesting a comprehensive list of possible recycling in our area, part of the Great Big Green Week organised nationally by The Climate Coalition and locally by Sustainable Harborough Community Thank you. 

Julie Fagan, volunteer, Sustainable Harborough Community and Eco Churches